• Gallehus

    An amazing visual journey

    from very old Northern traditional and ritual history in a beautiful historical surrounding till a hypermodern world where technology gives endless possibilities!

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  • Unseen Worlds

    Life that we normally don’t see

    An artistic presentation created as part of a research and microscopical observation of the structural patterns and formation of different elements and how they react and interact.

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  • Bridging Cultures

    Successful integration between science and art

    The visual arts can significantly contribute to the enhancement of learning in many disciplines, including the sciences.

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The Memory of Water

The concept of the memory of water goes back to 1988 when the late Professor Jacques Benveniste published, in the international scientific journal Nature, that extremely high ‘ultramolecular’ dilutions of an antibody had effects in the human basophil degranulation test, a laboratory model of immune response. In other words, the water diluent ‘remembered’ the antibody long after it was gone.

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