• Gallehus

    An amazing visual journey

    from very old Northern traditional and ritual history in a beautiful historical surrounding till a hypermodern world where technology gives endless possibilities!

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  • Unseen Worlds

    Life that we normally don’t see

    An artistic presentation created as part of a research and microscopical observation of the structural patterns and formation of different elements and how they react and interact.

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  • Bridging Cultures

    Successful integration between science and art

    The visual arts can significantly contribute to the enhancement of learning in many disciplines, including the sciences.

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20.000 subscribers for our newsletter!!!

Arctic Movement reached 20.000 subscribers for the newsletter. The new edition will be published in June 2019. We are also working on a new website. Subscribe to our newsletter and do not miss anything!

Augmented Art in Oslo.

We started a new project in Oslo, named AR-T. The project is mainly based on Augmented Reality and this means that as soon as you see the artworks with a headset(3D), phone or tablet you will experience the art in 360 degrees and in 3D (simulated).  Beside this is the work interactive because you can move through the space and/or you can change the artwork by touching the screen or moving your hands. The music will be produced by Eversteeg and VJ Treat is creating the animations together with developers from Samwork (Oslo). The first exhibition will be in Oslo from September till November 2019.

Worldwide distribution for Arctic Movement

We signed a contract for the worldwide distribution of our music.
Our productions will be distributed worldwide through all possible media, like Itunes, Beatport, Spotify, etc. This is an important development for Norwegian electronical music.

First movie Gallehus in 2020.

The first production, a short movie, will be published in 2020.
We work with a new Gallehus team on this first official production with performers, animators, sound-engineers, camera- and light technicians. Here you can read more.