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New conceptual models

Arctic Movement is established in Tromsø in 2008 and explores the expressive and communicative possibilities of new technologies in the area of (interactive) media across the contexts of art, photography, film, music, dance and theater.

Any new medium carries within it the seeds for new conceptual models and new means of interaction. The ability to translate all media into a digital realm breaks the boundaries that previously separated various disciplines.

New media is inventing itself on the margins between art and technology; theory and theater; television and graphic design.

Arctic Movement considers not only how to work with new media, but also how to use them in a cultural or educational context. It is in this interdisciplinary spirit that the new media invites and facilitates collaborations across disciplines that aspire to invent new ideas and create divergent expression.

The fusion of culture and technology

Experience the fusion of culture and technology at our 13th edition of the Langweiligkeit festival! Join us as we showcase the incredible expressive and communicative potential of cutting-edge technologies across various artistic realms. From captivating art installations to interactive media experiences, immerse yourself in a world where art, photography, film, music, dance, and theater converge like never before.

Discover how technology enhances storytelling in film, blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination in visual arts, and creates mesmerizing modern dance performances. Engage with interactive exhibits that invite you to become part of the artistic process, shaping and transforming the narrative as you explore. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or simply curious about the intersection of culture and innovation, our festival offers something for everyone. Celebrate diversity, creativity, and the endless possibilities of technology in the arts. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the magic of multi-cultural expression brought to life through the lens of modern technology. Join us and be inspired!

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Unseen worlds

Life that we normally don't see
Unseen Worlds is an artistic presentation created as part of a research and microscopical observation of the structural patterns and formation of different elements and how they react and interact.

The first part of the Unseen Worlds-project was an artistic project featured under the "ECAS – bridging cultures"-theme. ECAS ('European Cities of Advanced Sound and related arts'.) is supported by the European Union and financed by a variety of institutions.


Fractal geometric artwork

SIERWORK is inspired by the mathematical work of Wacław Franciszek Sierpinski (14 March 1882 – 21 October 1969). The artworks are made by the dutch/norwegian photographer and digital creator Huibert de Jong. The SIERWORK collection consists of 3-dimensional objects, figurative illustrations and geometric fractal art (in development).

He started in 2019 with fractal geometric art and this resulted in various exhibitions both online and offline. Info: https://sierwork.com


December 2020 - November 2024

NEO OSLO is an online geometric industrial art exhibition inspired by the architecture of the Barcode Project including 36 360° images which can be viewed on Google maps and streetview (search for Kunsthall Oslo). The Barcode Project is a section of the Bjørvika portion of the Fjord City redevelopment on former dock and industrial land in central Oslo.


August 2021


September 2021


July 2021

Art in public spaces

Arctic Movement explores the expressive and communicative possibilities of new technologies in the area of (interactive) media. In 2024 we want to combine art in public spaces with the almost unlimited possibilities of the latest technologies. We try to look further than the boundaries that previously separated various disciplines. More information about this will follow soon.

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